Higgins & Co Tattoo

High quality custom tattooing in the heart of sunny Eastbourne

About Us

Opened in August 2012 by Chris Higgins, Higgins and Co is a multi-disciplined studio covering a wide variety of tattooing styles, with over 53 years of combined experience. We have artists specialising in all Tribal styles, Japanese, Ornamental, Floral, Traditional, Woodcut/Engraving and more.

We are a warm and friendly private studio situated in the heart of Eastbourne, East Sussex, right near the train station and main shopping area.

Our studio currently has 4 artists, Chris Higgins, Valeria Marinaci, Elliot Guy and Amber Ida Edgley, each with incredibly high quality work. Check out their profiles below for an insight into their specialities.


Our Artists - Click on an artist to read their full profile

Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins, owner and founder of Higgins & Co has over 23 years experience tattooing. He specialises in all tribal styles including Maori, Marquesian, Polynesian and Samoan. 

Valeria Marinaci

Valeria has over 10 years experience in tattooing. She specialises in unique ornamental and floral patterns as well as dotwork, landscapes and black and grey.

Elliot Guy

Elliot has over 12 years experience in tattooing, he specialises in multiple styles, including Japanese, traditional, letting and black and grey.

Amber Edgley

Amber has over 8 years experience in tattooing. She specialises in engraving/woodcut style tattoos